To give people safe and clean drinking water and giving them the options for choosing the best and most affordable business with most trusty hard working technician that will handle their businesses, as we’re looking forward to serve their water equipments needs.

To give the best and quality services for the growing demands of clients, established and known as the most captivated market and lead to expand in this water treatment industry to grow and remain on top, support them in order to give them satisfaction in all their needs, to develop what we believe to be one of the best water treatment today.

To become a dynamic organization of Professional people with highest degree of competence, technical expertise and integrity.

:: ABOUT  US ::

We are pleased to introduce Ozone Purified Water Station, whose expertise is to install Water Refilling Station and the Processing of Best Quality Drinking Water. Ozone Purified Water Station was established and organized on August 18, 1998. In span of four (4) fruitful years, Ozone Purified Water Station have already five (5) branches serving Marikina, Pasig, Quezon City and the Makati area.

On October 18, 2007 Ozone Purified Water Station decided to organized a new company, which is Delcare Water Treatment. The objective is to cater a number of consumers covering Metro Manila and Provinces, realizing that water station is indeed to meet the growing demands in the market today and to give low cost and affordable Business and equipments, consumables, parts, needed by Water Station owner for their consumption to give their clients complete satisfaction.

Delcare Water Treatment Imports all the industrial and water station equipments for dealers, installer, assembler and fabricator of water treatment technology.

Delcare Water Treatment Was originally conceptualized in fabrication, assembly, installations, testing, and commissioning of all water supply and conditioning, purification, recycling, of industrial equipment.

Certified by Department Of Health [DOH]